Fusen Compnay audit SCAN BSCI and GRS in Aug. 2022.

We highly pay attention to customer needs and consumer concerns, in order to make the order sustainable long-term development cooperation. We will renew the SCAN, BSCI and GRS reviews in August this year.
First, SCAN's review was reviewed by the third party UL VS Shanghai Limited Shenzhen Branch on August 5th:


It mainly includes the following contents:
1.Security Vision and Responsibility
2.Risk Assessment
3.Business Partner Requirements
4.Cyber and information Technology Security
5.Conveyances and Instruments of International Traffic
6.Agricultural security
7.Seal security
8.Procedural Security
9.Physical Security
10.Personnel security
11.Security Training & Threat Awareness
All our requirements have met the audit standards and passed the audit.
Secondly, the audit of BSCI was conducted by the third party TÜV Rheinland (Guangdong) Ltd. on August 23:


It mainly includes the following contents: compliance with the law, freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining, prohibition of discrimination, remuneration, working hours, workplace safety, prohibition of child Labour, prohibition of forced Labour, environment and safety and supplier management
We have passed the BSCI audit and obtained grade C, which meets the standard required by customers.

The review of the third GRS will be conducted on August 26th by the third party Control Union Gözetim ve Belgelendirme Ltd.


This GRS audit is the global recycling standard for textiles and clothing. With the improvement of living standards, the global awareness of low carbon environmental protection increases, and there is the standard of GRS. Global Recycling Standards Any product can apply for GRS as long as the recycled component is >20%. GRS is an international, voluntary, and complete standard that is certified by a third party to examine a facility's products’ material to recycle, condition, social responsibility, environmental organization, and chemical limitation. Through this audit, we show that all the materials we use are recyclable, so that customers can use them safely.

Post time: Aug-25-2022