How to choose laundry hamper is best?

1-Which PE rattan laundry hamper is best?

Leaving your dirty laundry strewn about makes a room appear messy and can also make it smell badly. Stashing your soiled clothes and linens in a PE rattan hamper until laundry day not only keeps your space tidy, but the woven material is also aesthetically pleasing.

PE rattan has an attractive and natural appearance, so you don’t have to hide your laundry basket in a closet but can leave it out in the bed or bathroom. Made from handwoven ECO friendly Classics PE rattan,Portable Laundry Hamper is a top choice. 


What to know before you buy a PE rattan laundry hamper 


PE rattan is made from ECO friendly materials, pass FDA test can storage food and non-toxic and tasteless. It can also refer to a style of weaving. You may find “PE rattan” hampers that are actually made of plastic. That is Durable and easy to clean and suitable indoor and outdoor.


PE rattan hampers are not designed to be portable or for travel. However, they do vary in size somewhat. You want to consider how much floor space you have for the hamper. If you’re planning on storing it in a tight space, like a bathroom or closet, you’ll need a hamper with a smaller footprint. Check out the dimensions for a hamper, including its height, before purchasing.



When choosing a hamper size, consider how much laundry you typically do — and how often you  do it. Hampers may list their capacity in liters, cubic feet, bushels or number of loads it can hold. For instance, a small hamper may have a capacity of 10L and a larger one, 15L. Or a small hamper may be listed as having a capacity of one load whereas a larger one can hold two or three.  


PE rattan hampers come in a wide basket shape (no lid and often with handles), a tall rectangular shape or a cylindrical one. Choosing a shape is mostly a stylistic choice. Just be sure that the shape will fit in the space that you have. 

What to look for in a quality PE rattan laundry hamper 


Not all PE rattan hampers feature lids. While not having a lid means you can easily toss your laundry into the bin, a lid will conceal your dirty clothes while containing their odors. Some lids come off the unit completely whereas others flip open and stay attached or are hinged. 


Some hampers come with cut-out handles, which make it easy to lift and move the bin to a different area of the house. Others feature a pair of handles that stick out, typically on basket-shaped hampers, for carrying. Many hampers don’t have handles at all and are designed to be stationary. 


While PE rattan looks great, it’s not always the smoothest material that look more same nature rattan. Broken or unfinished PE rattan can snag on clothing and fabric. This is why many PE rattan baskets feature liners. These removable fabric  liners can also be used to carry your load to the washer. Look for a washable liner to keep things as fresh as possible.

and the other your dark. Or, if you live in a two-person household, you can use the dual sides to split your laundry. 

Post time: Aug-08-2022