Requirements for suppliers in 2022 home furnishing industry development:

Household storage concept:

Global household storage industry refers to the organization structure system of units or individuals engaged in the production and service of global household storage.

The significance of storage falls into three categories:

1-More fashionable, beautiful,clean and practical

2-More function and larger capacity

3-More convenient taking and collection

More fashionable, beautiful and practical

 The first important point of storage is tidiness. Even when the concept of storage is not introduced, the daily arrangement we say is to achieve neat visual effects. Use the household storage products bedside clean and tidy, should more consider the fashion, beautiful element, different area culture tradition, requirement of market and practical (Eg. Can use indoor, outdoor, home decor, office storage, super market, warehouse, easy clean, Whether the waterproof and so on) .

More function and Large capacity

The 2nd action that storage, it is the capacity grows bigger through the household storage products to divider the sundries, will make full use of original space, increase its store content amount. The customers wish one household storage products with more extra function and practical that attract consumers’ eyes and desire to purchase

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More convenient taking and collection

The third essential meaning that storage to take convenient , otherwise it can be in short time messy and should storage again shorty. Take whether convenient, also decided to storage long-term sex. More convenient moving request the products’ design more complete. Wish the products can folding small to save space and can open easy when using.  Easy moving when travel or from one place to another place.


The Suppliers complete facility, capacity,  complete quality system, stable material suppliers, warehouse and transport ability.

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Whether the materials used in household storage products are natural and environmentally friendly or recyclable

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Post time: Aug-30-2022