Summer knitting — Spring/summer storage Basket trends 2022

Weaving is one of the oldest handicrafts of mankind.  With the rise of The Nordic style in recent years, there has been a quiet revival of hand-weaving, the art of knotting string into a variety of decorative pieces.  Weaving technology is both ancient ways and inheritance.  In response to the current design concept of sustainable development of environmental protection, using some natural bamboo, see grass, pure natural flax fibers, as well as recycled textile fibers extracted from the sea, through hand-woven way to make recyclable environmental storage bags or organizer will become an inevitable trend in the future development. 

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Natural straw weaving

Using a variety of flexible herbs as raw materials to process woven products, bring natural and traditional simple beauty, both practical and artistic appreciation.  

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Style  -- natural color  

The storage basket that natural plain color grass makes material pledges, more show simple and refined, cater to green environmental protection trend again.  Simple and generous design, natural green materials and strong local characteristics are widely loved by modern people.  

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Style application - bright color embellishment  

With grass, rattan, hemp and other natural plants made of grass woven organizer, simple and natural;  Through the leather ornament at the hand or bag mouth, both natural and fashion sense;  The edges of the bag are outlined by colored straw weaving material or yarn material to enhance the highlights of the whole bag. The diamond pattern of leather or straw weaving is very fashionable and adds a bright color to the holiday style.  

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Fun and match colorful  

The storage that uses beforehand the straw that dyes to have all sorts of color plaits material to make and become is qualitative, hold natural element concurrently more fashionable sex at the same time, tie-in current popular color, broke through basic recreational money, more accord with young consumer crowd.  

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Elements recommended -- Wine coconut tassels  

The handmade tassel weaving technology is mostly combined with the holiday style. The pure natural wine coconut tassel brings a pure experience close to nature to the holiday.  

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Post time: May-20-2022