Traditional weaving basket, weaving new fashion Patterns and combinations

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It used to be fashionable beauty, but now it is more and more popular to be retro and traditional beauty. Maybe this kind of beauty is becoming less and less common, so it is regarded as rare. Weaving this thing is a long story. When I was young, I often saw my grandfather weaving a vegetable garden fence in the village, as well as my grandmother picking vegetables in the bamboo basket, and the backbasket for cutting wood in the mountain.

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Such the basket is putting casually same in home, can let our home look more distinctive elegant demeanour, all show artwork,Fresh and natural art style.The heart that lets host instant can be a lot younger Seeing these pure hand-woven beautiful, feeling deeply, suddenly feel that their own editing of the text also began literary style up. Are you interested in hand weaving products? If so, join me in exploring the beauty and culture of hand weaving!

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Wood basket, this traditional hand weaving technology never far from us. Just we forget to open our eyes to search. Once we found we must catch them tightly. Although the technology is not very precision,we can feel that is all by hand weaving, this specially agility a big different than other art technology.  

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In fact, when I was a child, I often saw the old people weaving vegetable basket. It is only after a few years, fewer and fewer people weave, but we are keeping persistent in weaving this craft, ordinary a basket, put a few fruits and vegetables into the fruit, highlighting a fresh art from the feeling of nature

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That is very very difficult to find the pure natural style basket during modern fashion design element. Our baskets are made by nature bamboo, wood, rattan and seaweed material and hand weaving. This style household basket decorate our home make home upping level and nobility. Bring you a full new life idea, let home more pure nature,Full of rural style and characteristics, used to put clothes, put sundries, flower arrangement, more natural and fresh, so fantasy!

Post time: Sep-06-2022